Located on the high street of Henley In Arden Warwickshire, Gemma Roe's primary health care clinic offers diagnosis. treatment and exercise rehabilitation. Offering a second to none service in a relaxed personal, friendly and professional atmosphere.

Gemma Roe has been helping the people of Warwickshire to become pain free for over sixteen years. Firstly from a Sports Injury therapist and exercise rehabilitation perspective and secondly within this period continued her professional studies and completed a five year Chiropractic degree at McTimoney Chiropractic Collage, Oxfordshire. Studying a high level of Clinical Neurology, Biomechanics and orthopaedics.

At the Henley In Arden Chiropractic Clinic Gemma strives to treat the cause of your complaint and the symptoms, by evaluating the condition of an acute, chronic or degenerative nature, finding the root cause.

Gemma also feels that it is as important as the treatment the patient is receiving that each parent understands their individual condition in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Chiropractic eliminating soft tissue inflammation
emergency treatment and acute pain management procedures
Chiropractic rehabilitative programmes
Chiropractic education on spinal health

In your Chiropractic treatment Gemma aims to ā€“ LISTEN, DIAGNOSE and TREAT to help return you back to being pain fee and return back to a functional life. Offering Chiropractic, deep tissue and sports massage, Exercise and Rehabilitation exercise programs. (Acupuncture coming soonā€¦).

CALL FOR A COMPLIMENTARY 15 MINUTE spinal check - information session

Anyone who desires to find out whether chiropractic can help them can book a free consultation, where they can discuss with no obligation, their condition.

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